AWX lab: Finish Linux configuratin


In the previous post we set up an Ubuntu server. We also installed and configured AWX. Now it is time to finish up the Ubuntu side of our lab environment.

Our lab environment will eventually contain a domain controller, a management box, and two sql servers. See the image below:

Prepare for Github

To prevent logging into github each time, create an ssh key pair to authenticate with github. With the -C parameter you can provide a description for your ssh key.

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "lab-awx"

This will create some files in your home folder. Copy the contents of ~/<user>/.ssh/ to github. Login into your github account, go to Settings (it is located under your account in the top right) and choose SSH and GPG keys. Paste the public key in here.

To test the authentication, issue this command:

ssh -T

One final thing to configure git, is setting your user name and email address.

git config --global "<Your Name>"
git config --global "<Your Email Address>"

Clone your repository

Now go to your github repository, and copy the ssh to clone the repo into your VM.

In your terminal go to (or make) the directory where you want to keep your local copy of the repository, and type:

git clone <the SSH string you just copied>